Two Quebec-based companies unite to deliver the first electric vehicle charging with solar energy in Quebec.

  • Attractive and removable design of the “iSun” solar carport will be combined with several charging stations of various charging levels.
  • This Partnership will promote the export of partners’ electrification technologies outside of Quebec.

Montreal and Trois Rivières-11 April 2016- This morning, two Quebec companies, Renewz inc. and Roulez Électrique announced the signing of an agreement to install an iSun solar carport at the “Station Roulez Électrique” of Trois-Rivières. This facility will be the first of its kind in Quebec. The station aims to offer all the services surrounding the use of  electric vehicles.

The CEO and founder of renewz, Sass M. Peress, said that “to have signed today the agreement with Sylvain Juteau, a pioneer of electrification of vehicles in Quebec, is an important moment for renewz. Despite the fact that we have already installed several solar carports throughout the United States and Ontario, we had not yet had the chance to develop solar installation projects in Quebec. With the signing of this agreement, we will now have a concrete example in Quebec, of the possible marriage between distributed renewable energy and recharging of electric vehicles, and this before the EVS29 show in Montreal in June. “It is not because of our abundance of hydro-electric energy that Quebec should be limited while the rest of the world encourages various renewable energies” continued Peress. renewz recently signed a technology transfer agreement to allow manufacture of the building components “iSun” locally, beginning at the end of 2016.

Sylvain Juteau, president of Roulez Électrique, explains that “our charging station will become a showcase for technologies related to electric cars and renewable energy. It will also be a place of initiation and experimentation. The station will have a laboratory that will assess stationary battery concepts. He adds, “I was hoping to use the batteries of my first Tesla Model S, but despite its 200,000 km, the batteries have only degraded by 5% until now. The station will also be one of the first places in Quebec to have a Powerwall battery from Tesla. “Solar panels mounted on the car port will then act as a backup system in case of power failure in order to continue to recharge electric vehicles. Solar panels will demonstrate that there is no monopoly when it comes to electric cars. Motorists who choose the electric car will still be able to produce themselves at least part of the electricity needed to move their car. Mr. Juteau concludes “the solution offered by renewz is great: aluminum structure, lightweight, flexible, removable, and it is a Quebec actor”

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