there’s a right way (and a wrong way) to deliver a solar carport

Ok…yuk! This is not how to do it right. They say we learn more from our errors than our successes…and this project was surely one of the greatest lessons we got along the way.

You’ve got to build it right for the customer. In this situation, customer metrics of aesthetics were not considered by the local contractor who insisted that such “support foundations” were needed, when in fact they were not. Of course, we understand the contractors desire to ensure that it would last forever, however the term “overkill” does come to mind in this instance. Without guidance of the a local architect or site manager, we can’t blame the contractor, he just did what he thought was best.

Delivering a pleasing experience to a customer means paying attention to more than simply the robustness of the project, it means clearly understanding all of the metrics that are important to them!

Foundations are rarely required with ballasted iSun solar carports

We will help guide your contractor to the real needs of the project, based on our immense collected experience of building them ourselves. We’re here to help ensure that your project is the most beautiful possible, yet will withstand all weather and code requirements. We want your project to be a referral for the next one, so to the best of our ability, we’ll give your contractor the hints we’ve learned along the way to maximize the objectives you have.