Educators can develop better curriculum for “learning lessons” to students

Students today define “success” quite differently than older generations. With sustainability being at the forefront at almost every activity or project, its clear that students of various levels are desirous of more input, more access and more “reality” when it comes to what is really “green”, and what justifies the claim. In the virtual world in which students live, “real life” projects provide important teachable moments that they can touch and be inspired from.

Give your students a “living lab” to help them see how they can make a difference in their own future…

Teach them what “green” will mean to their generations
Your students are all buzzing about renewable energy
They want a greener planet

Beyond the theory…its about “real world conditions”….

Here’s where renewz comes in…by providing an iSun solar carport structure to your facility, we not only reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills, we give you a “living lab” from which your students can touch , feel, and see a real-world application of renewable and clean power technologies. Add accessories such as electric vehicle charging, LED lighting and you’ll soon have the most amazing laboratory right at your foot steps. And no matter the level of age, there will be appreciation for various aspects and give your educators “teaching moments” they could never imagine .
Age doesn’t matter when it comes to teaching the right things…

Got a bunch of elementary students who are curious? Teach them about the different between clean energy and older, traditional forms of energy. Then show them on the kiosk view of our monitoring system what the system is doing each day. The language permits icons such as “trees planted”, “cups of coffee brewed” or any number of equivalencies.

Got a bunch of feisty high school students wondering which path to take? Teach them about the economics or science of energy. Ask them to question where their family gets their energy. Each of these opportunities gives your learning institution an opportunity to showcase commitment to a greater community (mother earth) while gaining the admiration of parents that see you investing in their children’s educational path in innovative and concrete ways. This project can become a flagship example of your school as a living laboratory, where researchers, staff, students and partners collaborate on innovations targeting the pressing challenges of our day.”

One step away from creating their own planetary improvements…

University students can now use real-world data to evaluate various renewable energy sources and the feasibility of implementing these sources. Working in small groups, students use data from our solar carport “living laboratory” to describe and understand the way the energy world works and how they can impact their future planet, today. The data is obtained through observation and experimentation. Using the living lab gives students and teachers the opportunity to practice analyzing data to solve problems or answer questions, in much the same way that scientists and engineers do every day.