Retailers can create co-op marketing opportunities for vendor-partners

As retail stores struggle to find new, innovative means of marketing their wares to the public, while developing sustainability practices, the iSun solar carport provides excellent channels to share marketing investments with vendor-partners who wish to promote sustainability for the products sold inside the retail store

Creating Sustainability Marketing Platforms as Partnerships!!

Provides sustainability icon and shaded parking
Increases time in store by shoppers
Periodic rotation of marketing partners

Today’s retail environment is very tough, sometimes making it virtually impossible to create sustainability initiatives which will have true impact on the local community and the environment. iSun solar carports provide the perfect opportunity to benefit customers, vendor-partners and retail stores. The flexibility of design makes iSun solar carports the ideal means by which visible, sustainability marketing is combined with enhanced parking experiences for customers.

The good you are sharing

While there is no doubt that retailers are working hard on enhancing their sustainability practices by installing more energy efficient lighting, HVAC, etc., few of these efforts can be seen by their customers. While solar rooftops are great, they are almost forgotten once installed. iSun solar carports are the perfect means to provide instant visibility to retailer sustainability initiatives while sharing the investments with vendor-partners who are struggling with the very same “visibility” issues. Rotating the banners on a monthly basis provides recurring revenues to the store while allowing a variety of vendor-partners to benefit from this great new opportunity to promote sustainability together.

The community you live in

Whether a store manager or owner, we all want to do better for the community we live in. Providing shaded parking with solar panels above is a perfect way to showcase to the community the efforts made to use renewable energy while enhancing the shopping experience. It is well known that providing covered parking extends the time inside the store that a customer will spend. Combining EV charging with an iSun solar carport will even add more time for shopping as well.