Residences can benefit from attractive, covered parking and energy savings

As home, co-op or condo associations look for more and more means by which to provide covered parking that won’t interfere with current parking designs or require rooftop construction, an iSun solar carport provides the perfect means by which to gain valuable covered parking, enhancing the private property with a structure that even gives power back into the electrical system, thus reducing the monthly utility bills.

The beauty of iSun for your home

Beautiful Design that matches your taste
Durability is key
Demonstrate to children the value of “doing good”

The iSun solar carport is a perfect way to add covered parking to your residence, whether a single home-owner or many, after your residential project is built. With no cement foundation to dig, no cement mixer on your lawn, the speed and quality of iSun distinguishes itself from many others on the market.

Carport vs Rooftop

In many cases, the rooftop of your home or residential building was simply not built with solar in mind. Slopes of the roof or materials used did not anticipate putting up a solar system, leading many to give up the idea of residential solar. The iSun solar carport provides the perfect answer for single home owners (iSun light model) to larger scale residential projects with centralized parking. Because they are scalable, you can even start with a 2-car size and grow the system later as demand for covered parking grows. With no concerns about roof piercing or loads, the iSun solar carport removes all worries and makes the installation time from a few hours to a few days (for larger systems).

Enhanced Property Value

Whether you live in the snow belt or sun belt, having shaded parking is a gift to the user, and to the property owner alike. There is no doubt that providing such a service, while combining with solar power generation will elevate the value of your property compared to those which do not have such a feature. With the ease of assembly, and long term durability, iSun solar carports add distinctive features to your property whenever you come to sell it.