Corporations can promote their social responsibility

In today’s world, employees want to know more than what your profitability or growth plans are…they want to know what you’re doing to help protect the world they will inherit!

Your stakeholders want to know what you’re really doing when it comes to sustainability

Whether you are the Chief Sustainability Officer or a marketing coordinator, everyone has a role to play in helping your company be environmental. And while many will focus on fancy marketing campaigns or catchy slogans…a solar powered carport and charging station will say far more than words…it will show a visible and sustainable icon to your corporation’s commitment to a better planet for all.

With the banners on the sides and tops of our carports, combined with online monitoring and kiosk views of the power created by the solar arrays as well as the energy used by the electric vehicle charging stations, you’ll be able to show the world on your website, social media or other locations, just how much real-live renewable energy you are producing. Shareholders will love the fact that you walk your talk, having residual benefits on how they view your company. Social responsibility is becoming a measure of success, even in today’s cut-throat business environment.


Help your corporate brand stand out from the crowd

The companies that sit on the sidelines of this movement risk being left behind. Moreover, incorporating solar installations and cutting edge solar products into your parking grounds invokes your clients, employees or visiting vendors to be more sustainable in their daily lives and inspires them to use renewable energy and think innovatively. Some of the benefits of an iSun solar carport for your company include:

Reduce parking lot maintenance costs in the current environment of budget reductions
Capturing immediate energy savings
• Attain attractive return on investment through offset energy costs and other means of revenue
• Educate and inspire your stakeholders on renewable energy
• Create signature for your facility as a model of renewable energy use
• Add renewable energy to your sustainability reports
• Present solar in an aesthetically pleasing way
• Showcase the practical use of cutting-edge solar technology to enhance your own brand position