Auto dealers can sell more fuel efficient and electric vehicles

As an auto dealership, trying to thrive in a competitive world, its in your interest to promote the electric vehicles in your lineup with an iSun solar carport. iSun provides you with just the right “solar billboard” to electrify your EV sales and promote the sustainable practices of your dealership to your local community. Positioned in a prime location in your car lot, the carport will be a beacon of sustainability that your dealership can benefit from in many ways.

Instant Visible Sustainability

iSun – the innovative Solar Charging station that merges renewable energy with marketing smarts in one convenient portable carport
Robustly engineered solution delivers quick and effortless installation without expensive footing or foundation requirements
Financing programs from car manufacturers allows dealer to benefit from all tax and depreciation benefits while removing upfront cash outlays



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Promote your electric vehicles

Easy to build – deployed in less than a week. Quick assembly onsite with no business disruption
Receive free energy for over 25 years with no worries about escalating, inflationary electricity
Change the ad banners as often as you wish to reflect your brand or seasonal promotions

Quick deployment to minimize your lot disruption

The aluminum supporting structure is certified, needs no maintenance interventions, unlike wood and steel structures,which require recurrent protective treatments
Available in 2,4,6 car sizes, sized to fit your dealer lot…and even moveable with ease