Commercial properties can generate greater returns and visitor experiences

If you’re a property developer, manager, or owner, you live in a hyper-competitive world where the property down the street is fighting for the same tenants or buyers as you. Enhancing your property value is of prime concern both in its aesthetic appeal and practicality. An iSun solar carport system can provide just the answer to many of your needs..all in a matter of days.

Minimum disruption, maximum value

Provide your stakeholders with covered parking
Reduce the energy operational costs or provide net revenues for your commercial property
Enhance the long-term resale value

iSun solar carports are designed to help property owners achieve results across a large variety of metrics from financial to operational to marketability.

Fits according to your parking needs

The modular, scalable and re-deployable nature of our iSun solar carports means that they are the easiest to deploy on your property, whether in greenfield stage or as a retrofit to your development. Because they are modular,  you can easily place iSun solar carports on any design of parking lot with ease, and in just a few days. In most cases, the only trenching you’ll need to do is to the closest electrical service location. We’ll work with your preferred contractor to make it a seamless experience for the people working on the property. Because you can build sectionally, only small disruption will occur and this often for about a day or so, on most parking lot designs. With special attention to local code requirements, we’ll work with your contractor of choice to ensure they have an easy process by supplying many of the engineering documents they need, up to the local engineering refinements they know how to do in order to quickly get that permit done and the project completed.

Enhanced “mortgage-a-bility”

OK, so maybe that’s not the perfect word according to the dictionary, but then property owners know exactly what we mean! With revenues being generated each year by your own solar array either to put back into the grid for net-metering or to use for the building, the added value of covered parking is enhanced by revenues coming from your solar system. Your finance department will love the enhanced ability to borrow against the property, or simply get a loan or lease on the system outright. Little cash outlay for long term benefits.