Governments can demonstrate true sustainable living for their citizens

As a local, state, provincial or federal government agency, tasked with demonstrating sustainable living to your citizens, its important to invest in projects that will have high visibility, durability and enhance the value of public properties. Not easy to achieve all of those things….unless you install an iSun solar carport, of course!

Governments set the tone for citizens to follow

Enhanced experience for public places
Durability is key
Attain sustainability objectives with greater ease

Lead them to the promised land

Governments are elected to lead us all to a better place. With environmental concerns growing amongst your population, and a quality of life enhancement at the top of your mind, iSun solar carports can address multiple metrics in delivering to your citizens visible icons of sustainability, while reducing operational costs for your public buildings, sports and community centres or parks.

Because clean air and clean water matter

You don’t want to “greenwash”, yet you do want to make investments that make a difference to the environment. By generating your own renewable, clean energy, you are demonstrating the future of energy to your own citizens. Working hand in hand with local utilities, you can create unique demonstration sites for utilities to then offer on smaller or larger scale to residential and commercial properties alike. You become the example for your citizens to follow in the goals of cleaner air and water, through cleaner energy.

Show them long term vision

We all understand that governments are eventually replaced, yet the legacy you leave behind will be a mark that you can forever look back on with pride. Carving out budgets for iSun solar carports will provide shaded, energy-generating, clean power producing legacies for decades to come. This is the true leadership that you wish to exemplify and we’ll help you achieve it.