Utilities can combine our carports with EV chargers in micro-grid systems

Utility companies are currently going through what your phone company did over 20 years ago…how to evolve in a changing energy world. With rooftop solar, battery storage and EV charging, utilities must evolve to stay alive in a fast-changing energy world. Many today are rising to the occasion by getting involved in distributed power generation, combined with electric vehicle charging networks

The energy future is a partnership with everyone

Utilities will no longer simply be sellers of power
Residents can now generate energy and share with their community
Solar Carports combined with EV charging are the perfect compliment to a utility’s offerings

In a changing energy world, new solutions are being provided by utility companies that realize that with each new energy-efficient technology, comes less and less usage by their customers. And with each new distributed power system (like iSun solar carports), even less need for centralized power is required. So utilities today have no choice but to bring new products and services to their “rate-base” otherwise their revenues decline and provide challenging times for their survival

The promise of a clean energy future

As power supply evolves to energy sharing, and transportation changes into mobility services, utilities can benefit from offering iSun solar carports, in combination with EV charging to their rate-base, their innovating their products and services. Clean energy is important for our planet and our health. As fossil fuel usage declines, and as more and more electric vehicles are purchased, utilities face the task of staying relevant in a transformed energy mix.

Utilities that leverage their strengths will win

Utilities often believe that their capital assets are their real assets, because their business model was built on a capitalization of investments over decades. This premise no longer exists when in the space of a day, a rate-payer can install a solar carport and battery system and become very independent (if not totally) from their grid. So the real assets of energy utilities today is their access to customers and access to cheap financing. Because of the strength of their balance sheets, innovative utilities can offer financing programs on solar carports for residential, commercial and industrial customers with pricing that even the banks or solar system providers would be hard-pressed to offer individual site owners. With direct access to hundreds of thousands or millions or customers, and a fleet of knowledgeable service people on the street, utilities are in the perfect place to offer iSun solar carports, get them installed and hooked up, together with a host of other potential services such as mobile phone power monitoring, electric vehicle charger installation and even energy-efficient accessories for your solar carport installation.