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A powerful vision for the future of renewable energy and electric mobility technologies

Sass M. Peress

CEO & Renewable Energy Ambassador

Sass is a high-energy, innovation architect with decades of achievements in global renewable energy product development and marketing, public company leadership and community involvement. He’s been passionate about renewable energy and clean mobility since launching ICP Solar, his first startup in 1988 in solar powered consumer goods. Having founded Quebec’s first ever solar panel factory in 2001, he then moved onto developing platforms that intertwined solar energy generation with electric vehicle mobility in 2010, as well as co-founding Facebook’s first green social game (Greenspace) in early 2011. Later that same year, he founded renewz sustainable solutions,  determined to broaden the scope of availability of the platforms he had helped develop and move our world even closer to zero carbon energy and transportation solutions.

He is currently enjoying true sustainable living in a fully hydro-electric and wind powered home, while participating in renewz’ promotional and technical developments through interaction with our very own electric vehicle. He currently works out of renewz’ headquarters in Montreal.

Manish B Hirapara

Chief Digital Officer

Manish is the Chief Strategy Officer at Renewz. Having worked with Sass years before in the web strategies employed at ICP Solar, he is currently crafting and implementing digital and technology solutions that will rapidly help grow the adoption of renewable energy solutions through web-based platforms.

Prior to Renewz, Manish served as a senior global eCommerce leader at Office Depot. In this role, he oversaw eCommerce strategy and implementation for both the B2B and B2C channels across over 40 countries and 70+ websites. Throughout his tenure at Office Depot, Manish delivered results for over 100 key strategic initiatives, including eCommerce platform selection, new site & country launches, multiple mergers & acquisitions, new product launches, ERP implementations, loyalty programs, and multiple cost-cutting initiatives.

Manish has over 18 years of experience creating innovative and disruptive digital solutions across many different industries, including retail, transportation & logistics, financial services, distribution, and manufacturing. Manish heads up renewz’ USA-anchored operations in Florida.

Bruno Licursi

Director of Product Development

Bruno started his renewable energy career back at ICP Solar in the early 2000s. He quickly became everyone’s “go to” person for technical issues or enhancement ideas. He eventually launched his own solar energy company to focus on multiple markets that he felt were under-served and became one of ICP Solar’s most cherished client-partners. His love and passion of renewable clean energies permitted him to develop markets around the world, primarily in the off-grid sectors. Later he moved into the sphere of BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics) to help architects design buildings which would feature self-powered glass panels.

Bruno’s technical background together with real-life, hands-on experience with renewable energies are brought to renewz’ software and hardware development initiatives. Bruno works out of renewz’ HQ in Montreal.

Dan Cohen

Chief Technology Officer

Dan is a seasoned senior executive with deep background in technology, research and development, and innovation. Dan has over 20 years of experience in executive and consulting roles across North America, including IBM Global Services, Oracle Corporation, Clear Thinking Technology and Accelerated Ventures. He brings a unique balance of vision, strategy and execution that has served startup groups and Fortune 100 companies in more than 60 engagements. He is well known for his business planning, strategy work, turnaround mandates (including M&A) and technology transfer. In the last 5 years, Dan led the launch of a business development initiative for a well-known research hospital, and raised a seed venture fund for life sciences projects.

Dan serves on the boards of 2 not-for-profit institutions, has guest- lectured for 3 different universities, and contributed to professional associations, standards groups and international conferences.

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